With the ever increasing need to keep a close eye on your property and belongings, what better way than to install CCTV?  Whether it's just to see who's at the door or to watch over your pride and joy on the drive, we can provide a system to suit your exact needs.

A typical Live View on a Smartphone.


Live View on an Android Tablet. 


An Example of a CCTV Warning Sign.

A 1080p Resolution Dome Camera. 


AlarmEx can supply and install the most up to date 1080p HD DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) as a new complete system or as an upgrade to your existing system, DVRs have their own in built Hard Disc Drive which can store recordings for as long as you wish, dependant upon the size of the drive that you choose. The latest DVRs are now smaller and almost silent when running.

CCTV systems can be connected to your broadband and can be remotely monitored when you're away from site on your smartphone or most PC's. 

All CCTV instalations require a warning sign to make the public aware that they are potentially being monitored!